Monday, 5 October 2009

10 reasons why I'm a great mum!

The last week has been somewhat frantic and stressed - in between solicitors, police who can do nothing,trying to pack a house with still no confirmed completion date (courtesy of 003.5 effing about again) sick children, sick me, vaccination scares and the latest education plan from my dyslexic son's school suggesting that his dyslexia could be resolved by me reading at home with him more and building his confidence rather than them providing any support to him (I kid you not - they have the cure to dyslexia!!!! - albeit that my son has no problem with confidence out of school - just hates the ritual humiliation of being asked to read out in class whilst pupils around him snigger). And, to cap it all, numerous stories criticising mothers of all types - working, single, stay at home appearing in the press almost daily. Whilst remaining stoically indignant about many such stories this relentless chipping away at my performance as a mother gets to me sometimes - particularly when you read comments from many people supporting those seemingly outrageous views. So I have felt in need of a boost and decided to write a list - "Ten reasons why I'm a great Mum". Some of this is compiled from what the kids have told me and some from what I do day in day out. I have put this list in the kitchen to remind me that in spite of the commentaries I'm doing an alright job - in fact there are many things of which I can justifiably be proud and my children are two of them:

I am a great mum because:

1. I am always here for my children - every sleepless night, every tear, every worry, every hurt, every success

2. I make great pancakes and biscuits (my son)

3. My kids often laugh at me not with me - and I have no problem with that

4. I hate ironing (so avoid it like the plague) and love the Simpsons

5. I don't insist on sitting around the table to eat every night!!

6. My kids know the difference between democracy and dictatorship - and understand that they live in the latter

7. They know everyday that they are loved and that I am very proud of them

8. When no-one else will listen, I will (daughter)

9. They know that I will fight their corner but will tell them if I think they are wrong

10. I give the best hugs in the world (both)

For all of you beleaguered mums out there - take some time to remind yourself that despite surveys, press reports and this general pummelling of mothers, you are doing a great job!


  1. Good for you, sounds like your kids are a credit to you and there is no better way to define how good a mother you are..Hope things get better soon.xx